Essential oils quietly play significant roles in our lives, offering cherished benefits in a natural way, but, what is it, really? 

Derived from the very environment we inhabit, essential oils capture the essence of plants, harnessing their innate properties to address our ailments, uplift our moods and bolster our well-being.

Essential oils, also referred to as “minyak atsiri” in Indonesian, or simply the “oil of” the plant they originate from, are concentrated hydrophobic liquids containing aromatic compounds. The term “essential” refers to the distinctive aroma or essence that each oil carries, reflecting the unique characteristics of its source plant. Despite their name, essential oils do not fall into any specific category for medical or pharmacological purposes.

Each geographical region has its own environmental attributes, giving rise to a diverse range of plant species. While some plants have been cultivated and spread globally over time.

Essential oils are truly remarkable substances, offering many benefits beyond their pleasant aroma. From enhancing perfumes to being a key ingredient in soaps and air fresheners, these oils are all around us in our daily lives. At SCENNA Indonesia, our focus lies on the utilization of essential oils in aromatherapy for holistic wellness.

The potential benefits are amazing! Whether you are dealing with headaches, muscle pain, digestive issues, or respiratory conditions, there are essential oils that might be able to help. Plus, some oils like Bergamot, Cananga and Frangipani have extra-special properties like antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, or pain-relieving.

Going forward, essential oils are ready to play an even bigger role in our lives. Interested in learning how to effectively use these oils for your health needs? Be sure to check out our other SCENNA articles for great tips and tricks!

Each SCENNA Essential Oil blend is carefully formulated to ensure a harmonious synergy between aroma and therapeutic benefits, providing a natural and holistic approach to self-care and wellness.

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